Friday, May 4, 2007

Graphisoft announces bidirectional connectivity between ArchiCAD 11, Google Earth and the Google 3D Warehouse

This capability moves users past the Virtual Building to the virtual world. Users can not only download 3D models from building product manufacturers for use in their projects, they can also publish their designs for the world to experience via Google Earth.

Budapest, May 2, 2007 - Graphisoft announced today that its Google connectivity plug-in for ArchiCAD® 11 will be available for download from its official website at the same time ArchiCAD 11 starts shipping.

“Readily available content that complements a great design is of high value to our users. Google is the perfect place to turn to get a large library of content and, of course, to contribute models for the rest of the ArchiCAD community”, said Miklos Szovenyi-Lux, Director of ArchiCAD Product Management. “Coordination with Google Earth adds another positive dimension to design decisions.”
The bidirectional Google connection enables ArchiCAD 11 users to:

Import terrain and coordinate information from Google Earth – In the early stage of design, even a rough terrain model can significantly help the visualization of the model in context. With the help of Google Earth Connections, users can take a snapshot of terrain and imagery data from Google Earth.

Import 3D buildings and building manufacturer parts from the Google 3D Warehouse – The Google 3D Warehouse site contains thousands of real-world buildings and manufacturer-specific building products for use in your designs. If the architect needs a special car or household appliance for a design project, they can simply search for it on the Warehouse and download it to ArchiCAD with just a few clicks.

Evaluate ArchiCAD designs in Google Earth – With the help of the Google Earth Connections tool, users can easily export textured 3D models to Google Earth to create compelling client presentations.

Publish ArchiCAD designs to the Google 3D Warehouse – Since the 3D Warehouse is the source for 3D building models for Google Earth, if the architect wants to share his/her real-world 3D building model with others, publishing the model will allow for it to be viewed by hundreds of millions of Google Earth users around the world.


The English and German versions for the Windows platform will be available at the same time ArchiCAD 11 starts shipping. Further versions will be available according to the localization schedule of ArchiCAD 11.
About Graphisoft:

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1 Alan Kay. Inventor of Smalltalk - the inspiration behind windowing-based computer systems.

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