Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Katsuhiro Yamazaki lecture on Architecture + Design

Mar. 28, 2007
Katsuhiro Yamazaki, partner of Atelier TAG, gave his speech on architecture + design last night at UBC, Vancouver. He briefly introduced his 5 projects including the theatre in terrebonne and Chateauguay Municiple Library which won 2 RAIC Governor-General's Medals for 2006.

The new Theater of Vieux-Terrebonne is located in the city’s civic park, overlooking the spectacular riparian landscape of the Mille-Isles River.

The concept proposed explores the primordial link with nature that constitutes Terrebonne’s most important heritage since the 17th century. In part intertwined, in part superimposed, the architecture of the theater blurs the limit between the cultural facility and its natural setting. The theater interior topography of interconnected social stages simultaneously engages the exterior landscape as another stage for observing and being observed. The intimate, 658-seat multi-use hall presents everything from plays, concert and films, to visits from Quebec’s astoundingly popular stand-up comics.

The new Municipal Library of Châteauguay is located in the city’s civic park, adding to the existing core of municipal services provided on site.

Upon its landscape of green dunes, the new Municipal Library appears as the city’s ‘’standing stone’’. Symbolically, the library‘s fieldstone cabinet of books levitates above the landscape and provides a new gateway for the park.

The program of the library is structured vertically in two main strata. The ground floor is conceived as a fluid ‘public place’ in continuity with the natural grades of the landscape, while the library proper is housed on the above two floors. The new Library gives access to more than 150,000 documents, including periodicals, reference and audio-visual material.

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