Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The President's Medals Students Awards 2007

The winners of the President's Medals Student Awards 2007 were announced in a ceremony at RIBA last week.

The RIBA has been awarding the President's Medals more than hundred years. The aim of these awards is to promote excellence in the study of architecture, to reward talent and to encourage architectural debate world-wide. Widely regarded as the best student awards in the world, students aspire each year to be selected by their school to enter for the medals and for the opportunity for their work to be recognised and publicly exhibited.

The winners of 2007 are as following.

The Cabinet of Curiosities - Amandine Kastler
The Lost Soul Hotel - Andrew Street
Transology; a Vehicle Manufacturing Plant for Southwark, London - Claudia White
A Script Writers’ Retreat - Sarah Custance
Euphonic Engine, West Smithfield. - Arya Safavi
urban sustention (b) - Akram Fahmi
Greenwich Perceptual Observatory - Steve Westcott
Mies Immersion - Isabel Pietri Medina
DARK FRUIT - Rosy Head
Geological Archive - Ed Butler

Greenwich Perceptual Observatory
Greenwich Perceptual Observatory by Steve Westcott

DARK FRUIT by Rosy Head

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